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Working with Nathan has been a transformation for my business. The quality of the advice has improved because he challenges me to be better and picks up stuff I might have missed, the quality of the reports has improved and my last file checks all passed first time. I also have more time to focus on other tasks in my business and to spend with my family.
red circle fp
Darren Cooke FPFS MCSI B Com
Red Circle Financial Planning
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Nathan has been instrumental in helping me grow my business over the last three years. His passion for providing great client outcomes is refreshing and he is confident in challenging any recommendations. Nathan creates bespoke reports for all my clients which allows me to spend more time with my clients. Nothing is too much trouble and I look forward to continuing working together in 2020.
ISJ Financial Planning
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To sum up my experience of working with Plan Works, I would say they add value every step of the way. As Head of the Paraplanning Team and with 16 years’ experience as an adviser and Paraplanner for a range of firms, I know when I find a company who brings intelligence, flair and high standards to the profession.

Plan Works is a pleasure to work with at all times and if I could transport them from the South of England to Glasgow and install them in our office, I would! I especially appreciate the way they have picked up our fairly bespoke way of doing things – the way they write reports, invest client monies and manage them on platform.

They understand and have adapted to our way of doing things in no time at all but still consistently add value by suggesting their own ideas, dazzling me with their IT skills and the creative way they put them to good effect.
Rebecca Kowalski
Cornerstone Asset Management
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As a firm our focus is to deliver technically accurate, understandable (and of course suitable) advice to our clients in a timely fashion. Part of our success is that we attract consumers who have complex financial planning needs. Occasionally demand from those consumers puts strain on our business and its ability to achieve those client service standards. When faced with that challenge we seek to outsource to trusted partners to relieve some of the strain.

We are delighted that we chose Nathan Fryer of PLAN WORKS to support us in our Paraplanning department. Nathan has been absolutely the right cultural fit with us. Client first is a good way to describe it. He takes the time and effort not just to gather the objective facts about a client’s situation from us but also asks probing questions about the clients needs, wants and attitudes. This means that the reports he drafts for us are really bespoke to the particular client.

We are impressed by the fact that he doesn’t just do what the brief asks him to do but goes an extra mile by adding additional points to discuss with the client. Nathan likes to include visuals to make the client understanding easier. Cash flow forecasts and extraction rate charts are a couple of examples of the visuals he uses to bring reports alive. He starts each report with an Executive Summary incredibly helpful because as well as complex financial needs our clients also tend to be time poor. He includes tables and appendices to separate out the “good to know” from the “essential to know”

In our firm a Director signs off on all advice reports to our clients and our experience with Nathan is that the draft content of reports is spot on first time, thus saving us further time in the busy environment in which we work.

Client feedback in respect of the work he has done for us is first class. His support has been really valuable to us and he always makes it very easy to work with him. How many outsourced Paraplanners I wonder respond to enquiries at weekends and in the evenings? Nathan certainly does. If he wasn’t so focused on building his own outsourced Paraplanning business I would have recruited him to Informed Choice Ltd without any doubt.
informed choice
Nick Bamford
Informed Choice
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Excellent work in terms of client communication. Although the report is lengthy, the salient parts are largely at the front and the baggage is actually meaningful and interesting. The report also respects the client, but still gives explanations that are clear and in plain language.
gi consultant
Karen Malin
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I have been working with Plan Works for approximately 9 months. Their work is compliant, timely, in good and plain English with good grammar. I was pleased to find that it is of a high technical standard and has, on occasion, come up with suggestions that I hadn’t considered and would be in the clients interests.
devizes financial
Stephen Archard DipFA MIFS
Devizes Financial Services Ltd


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