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Next Gen Planners

Several members of the team are members of Next Gen Planners and they are actively involved in their community.

The Paraplanner Club

Sian co-founded a mentoring scheme for Paraplanners which is free to access for anyone that wants to be an awesome Paraplanner. 


Global Returns Project

The Global Returns Project aims to engage finance professionals and their clients in helping fight the climate crisis by giving donations to carefully selected high impact climate charities. The project sets out to make philanthropy normal for financial services.

Compliance and Training Solutions

Mel and the team at CATS are passionate about providing compliance support to financial planning firms as well as Plan Works. 



Kinherit are a law firm specialising in Wills and Trusts that combines quality advice with unique technology to better protect families when their loved ones die. They have solved the problem of how best to hand over instructions and inheritance to the next generation, avoiding the distress so often experienced during probate.

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