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Of great value to our clients is the strong relationship we build with them. Underpinning everything we do is an ethos of integrity; in our advice, in our reporting and in our communication.


Hello, I’m Nathan Fryer, Founder & Director of Plan Works

After spending ten years working within Asset Management, I came to the conclusion that very few Financial Planners were looking for single strategy fund solutions to satisfy their clients’ investment needs.

Being a proud member of the financial planning community, I wanted to retain that, but this time turning my hand to building and nurturing my own business. Having met with many thousands of Financial Planners over the years, I started to realise the value and support I could offer.

I am passionate about integrity and quality in financial planning. I am a champion of efficiency and of engaging expert skills in order to deliver the best outcome as well as an avid supporter of a partnership style in business.

Hello, I’m Sian Davies Cole CFPᵀᴹ MCSI, Chartered Paraplanner & Director of Plan Works

Having spent a number of years working in independent financial planning firms I felt that the time had come for me to enter the world of outsourced paraplanning.

In my opinion, paraplanning works best as a collaboration between Financial Planner and Paraplanner and having a strong awareness of the skills and personalities involved in both roles is key.

I am a firm believer that a quality mix of experience and qualifications is necessary to provide the support Financial Planners want and need.
I’m passionate about the client always being central to the advice and I keep them in my focus to ensure the advice is in their best interests, easy for them to understand and aligned with their personal and financial goals.

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Hello, I’m Adam Owen, Non-Executive Director at Plan Works

I’ve been in financial services for two decades (I know I don’t look old enough) and during this time I’ve held advisory roles within direct sales and the financial planning sector as well as a variety of senior compliance and supervision positions.

I hold a number of executive and non-executive roles focusing on developing the financial planning profession which is aligned with my vision of creating communities internationally that amplify the role of the financial planners.

Hello, I’m Kimberley Malin, Paraplanner at Plan Works

Having worked as an in house paraplanner, I knew that I was ready for a bigger challenge and decided to join the world of outsourced paraplanning.

I was ready to take on the variety of work that comes with outsourced paraplanning and find it fascinating to see how different planners approach financial planning with clients.

I believe that paraplanners add great value to a client’s journey. Paraplanners can interpret large volumes of data and encapsulate that alongside all of the important soft facts and goals of the client into a financial plan so a client can be clear of their future goals and how they will be achieved.

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