Having an effective, robust and repeatable process in place is imperative to the success of both “Plan Works” and the companies with whom we work


This process, however, has to be workable for both parties, which is why we will tailor our proposition to work for you.  This ensures that we deliver you the service that you want, in the manner that you need to receive it.

We don’t have a set process for each and every client that we work with, we work with you to implement the most effective and efficient process, document that process and stick to it.

Information flow is the most important part of the process to get right and is fundamental to a lasting business relationship. We therefore offer a number of different mediums to enable this communication and data flow:

  • Face to Face
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Cloud

The cloud is the newest edition to our communication methods.  We can establish a new “cloud” based drive which only Plan Works and you can access.  This works the same as drag and dropping any documents into a drive on your own PC or Mac.  This means that the files can be accessed by you any time and anywhere.


Keeping you informed is where we believe we can offer a real difference.  We will work to your preferred method, be it a weekly call, email, Skype or FaceTime.  As standard, we maintain a work flow sheet which you can access any time* which keeps you informed of the state of development and expected time of completion.

* Using Cloud Communication only


Having effective quality control mechanisms in place assists us to be able to deliver the excellence that our customers have come to expect.


Compliance is an ever evolving “beast” which is why we work with professional compliance people and companies. Not only does this ensure that we comply, but more importantly that we obtain an independent and objective opinion of the work that we carry out.